How We Grow
Innovation on all fronts.

It takes a lot of work to grow the perfect tomato…but we don’t mind. Our socially responsible and sustainable growing, packing and distribution systems are among the most innovative in agriculture.

Greenhouse Technology

  • Because Kaliroy grows most of its tomatoes in fully-automated plastic greenhouses and mesh houses, we produce five times more yield per acre than in the field. All of our greenhouse tomatoes are grown hydroponically, without the use of soil.
  • Our greenhouse farms and top-of-the-line technology create an ideal year-round growing environment with perfect temperatures, nutrients, humidity, and light to produce safe and healthy tomatoes with a longer flavor life.
  • Automated irrigation and filtration systems ensure efficient water usage and quality, and retention ponds capture rainwater and runoff usage.
  • On-site automated packing facilities shorten the time it takes our tomatoes to reach store shelves.
  • We utilize bleach-free recyclable corrugated cardboard boxes when packing and shipping our loose produce. Bagged produce (poly, net, and mesh), our cucumber film, and our clamshell plastic packages are all “blue bin” recyclable containers.

Open Field

  • We harvest open field tomatoes in Sinaloa from mid-December to the end of March, the ideal time for growing our flavorful roma and grape varieties.
  • The climate is ideal during these months for quality of roma and grape tomatoes.
  • 100% drip irrigation, mulch, plastic and staked for open field grown tomatoes.