We work to be a company with the following values:



1. Respectful

We respect the worth of people, and honor the rights of others.

Because respect leads us to cordiality, harmony, acceptance and inclusion.

Respect for the diversity and plurality of opinions, convictions and ideas within the company, it constitutes a valuable and essential tool for building consensus, identifying the common good and solving conflicts and differences

2. Honest and Honored

Always working within the framework of the law, ensuring that our actions, decisions and operations in general are lawful.

Ensuring that any negligence on the part of suppliers or employees is not exploited for their own benefit, thus maintaining a professional working environment and commercial exchange.

3. Committed

Caring for the environment, making rational use of renewable resources, and encouraging the education of our employees.

With our customers, we must seek at all times to provide a product that meets the expectations of quality, safety and availability.

With each and every one of our employees by involving them in the development and growth of our company.

4. Innovative

Searching and applying formulas that allow us to quickly achieve our objectives and goals.

5. Reliable

With our customers always complying with them and being diligent to show that in our company they will always find their products needs at the right time.

Also with our suppliers for the loyalty they are offered and the certainty of having optimal business relationships to achieve mutual benefits.

With our employees, as it assures them that by performing their activities, they will have a safe job with interesting opportunities for growth and development, also ensuring that there are no injustices and preferences of any kind

6. Endeavored

Since we work without strenuous efforts to achieve our objectives, striving to be the most competitive company in its field and covering the growing needs of society.

7. Hard Worker

Because each and every employee we are tireless fighters in the daily task of doing well and better every time.

8. Organized

Because we are convinced that achieving good work organization and interrelationship is much easier for everyone to achieve a better performance and to follow a safe path towards the goals set.