Code of Ethics

1) BIOPARQUES DE OCCIDENTE S. A. DE C. V. has respect, honesty, commitment, innovation and teamwork as values; which have preeminence above all things and we must act with total adherence to them in all our work, business and society relationships.

2) It is the responsibility of all collaborators to always act in accordance with our ethical principles, policies and the values ​​established here, respect and promote health, as well as respect for the environment and act responsibly in the company and in the community where we operate.

3) Sustainable development is our commitment that harmoniously integrates business management, respect for ethical values, for people, the community and above all for the environment; with safe working conditions and complying with the law and its regulations, to obtain economic benefits that guarantee the permanence of the company over time.

4) Our relationships are honest and transparent with our shareholders, directors, workers, clients, suppliers, competitors, subcontractors, community and environment.

5) We respect human rights and international treaties, as well as the guarantees of their protection in all our activities.

6) We promote equal opportunities and being treated with dignity and respect. We do not consider race, color, gender, sexual orientation, age, pregnancy, disability, religion, political opinion, social or national origin when hiring and caring for human beings.

7) We reject child labor in any of its expressions and we promote their basic education.

8) Sexual or labor harassment, harassment or abuse in any of its expressions or forms is prohibited.

9) Any type or form of forced labor and in undignified and unsafe conditions is prohibited in all its activities.

10) Violence and mistreatment are unacceptable and must be reported immediately to your boss or, failing that, to the manager, so that the necessary measures can be taken. You can also report verbally to any member of the complaints or suggestions committee (Comprehensive Management System, Social Work, Human Resources, Administration and Management) or in writing through the Complaints and Suggestions Box and follow up on the problem in a timely manner. If their conduct is verified, the matter will be channeled to the corresponding instance or authority for due attention and sanction if necessary.

11) We allow and respect association and freedom of collective bargaining.

12) There is compliance with disciplinary measures according to our Internal work regulations.

13) Work schedules are respected according to the Federal Labor Law.

14) It is a priority of this company to develop its operations in harmony with the environment and hand in hand with the law, promoting the development and implementation of systems for prevention, control and reduction of environmental impacts, continually training personnel in caring for the environment. atmosphere. We participate in activities that contribute to the development of our immediate communities.

15) The company does not tolerate, allow, or engage in bribery, acts of corruption, operations with conflicts of interest, or unethical practices when negotiating with suppliers, public officials, people in the private sector, political parties, or any other type. of instance or interest groups.

16) Each worker who has personnel under their charge has the obligation to be an example of compliance with this code of ethics and not allow the violation of established ethical practices and behaviors. In addition, you must ensure that each of your subordinates and suppliers read, know and understand it and thus make it a daily practice in their activities and conduct.

17) This code of Ethics applies to all suppliers and contractors of goods and services in our value chain.

To comply with the established principles, values ​​and policies, the company uses a Comprehensive Management System, which ensures its execution through continuous improvement.