Company Policies




  1. It is the policy of this company to work voluntarily in a comprehensive system of sustainable development; where it complies with the applicable national legislation, international standards of the ILO and Human Rights, as well as the requirements that the company undertakes to fulfill with its stakeholders: workers, customers, our communities and suppliers.
  2. It is the policy of the company to continuously improve the performance of social, environmental, health and occupational and food safety within our operations.
  3. Our greenhouse farms and top-of-the-line technology create an ideal year-round growing environment with perfect temperatures, nutrients, humidity, and light to produce safe and healthy tomatoes with a longer flavor life.
  4. Automated irrigation and filtration systems ensure efficient water usage and quality, and retention ponds capture rainwater and runoff usage.
  5. On-site automated packing facilities shorten the time it takes our tomatoes to reach store shelves.
  6. We utilize bleach-free recyclable corrugated cardboard boxes when packing and shipping our loose produce. Bagged produce (poly, net, and mesh), our cucumber film, and our clamshell plastic packages are all “blue bin” recyclable containers.


Social Responsability Policies

  1. Inform all personnel entering the company that has the right and obligation to find out and comply with the policies and procedures of this company (Internal Labor Regulations, Collective Agreement, Code of Ethics and Regulations of each department), Will keep copies available in public places for consultation.
  2. Reject child labor and respect the rights of minors.
  3. Prevent any form of discrimination based on race, color, gender, sexual orientation, age, pregnancy, disability, religion, political opinion, social or national origin and / or any situation that undermines human dignity in recruitment, Remuneration, dismissal and / or anyone who is at fault in the employment relationship and human rights.
  4. Avoid forms of forced and compulsory labor.
  5. Participate in equal opportunities and fair treatment for all.
  6. To suppress harassment, and / or sexual abuse in any of its expressions.
  7. Respect the freedom and will of the worker when he wishes to join the collective organization of his choice or when they choose to elect their representatives, without any discrimination by them.
  8. The normal working day per week will be 48hrs. Distributed in 6 work days equivalent to 8 hours daily. The work will be of free and voluntary form in the holidays, days of rest and overtime.
  9. Remunerate the work above the stipulated in the Federal Labor Law.
  10. Comply with the application of the internal work rules.
  11. Conduct actions honestly and without the use of practices of corruption or acts of bribery.
  12. Attend all complaints and suggestions from all our stakeholders: workers, customers, our communities and suppliers.


Occupation Health and Safety Policies

  1. To promote a safe and healthy work environment for the workers of the company.
  2. Identify and continuously evaluate hazards and risks related to Health and Safety at work.
  3. Provide appropriate personal protective equipment to workers of the company that require it, as stipulated by the Occupational Health and Safety Department.
  4. Evaluate, prevent and reduce risks, diseases, accidents and incidents.
  5. Integrate, train and keep updated brigades of the Internal Civil Protection Unit.
  6. Document and report on accidents, illnesses and incidents occurring in the company, so that preventive and corrective actions are taken.


Policies for the Care and Preservation of the Environment

  1. Promote the care and preservation of the environment in all our production fields and areas of the company.
  2. Protect natural resources and reduce the environmental impacts of the company by implementing ecological practices, applying criteria based on sustainability, so that we save energy, water and responsible use of natural resources.
  3. Identify and control as much as possible the negative impacts on natural resources (air, water and soil) generated by the development of our activities.
  4. 100% compliance with the laws and environmental regulations and standards and other requirement applicable to our operation.
  5. Implement actions to treat and reuse our waste of water.
  6. Act responsibly in the management of waste.
  7. Reduce, as far as possible, the use of chemicals in our operational activities.
  8. Promote reforestation campaigns and increase our green areas.
  9. Conduct environmental performance towards continuous improvement through the implementation of an environmental management system and the participation of all staff working with us.


Quality Policies

  1. Comply with the characteristics of the national and international quality guidelines that must maintain our food to compete with the highest quality standards.
  2. Verify the degree of quality, determining the classification of the product through the performance of the sampling in accordance with the established quality standards.
  3. Continued dissemination of our commitment to all staff to raise awareness of the responsibility to produce food of the highest quality.


Safety Policies

  1. Provide products that meet the safety expectations of standards, specifications and requirements of our customers.
  2. Involve the entire staff of the company in the responsibility of producing foods that guarantee full customer satisfaction.
  3. Inform and be informed as to the rules applicable to our business, thus operating within the framework established by law.
  4. Always look for our systems of assurance and control to be efficient